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Storytelling for children and adults in the Bristol area

From the battered treasure chest of life fly stories of frogs and fairies, lions and lullabies; enchanting tales of fools, ferrets* and wise old folk. From a time before time or just before lunch, Paula’s stories might be set in an old Greek maze, a smelly old sock or the park around your corner. Keep on your toes; characters may jump from one story to the next. Watch out, for they may trick you, tease you, love you or inspire you. One thing is for sure, they will never leave you.

These lovely, lively, lavish stories can be run (and have been run!) in and around Bristol in schools, nurseries, children’s parties, festivals, weddings and barmitzvahs! Please contact me, Paula Brown on 07847 525881 or at Visit netmums for more testimonials or click here for feedback on the sessions!

* you know, in truth, I have no stories about ferrets, not a one, it just alliterated. You really can’t trust a storyteller to entirely tell the whole truth, not about ferrets at least.

Here are some stories for you to listen to…

Dog Tails – this is a story which I’ve set in Wales about a time long gone. It’s got everything – fur, friendship and fandango!