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I have heard from every teacher how fantastic you were. Every glowing report from how brilliant you were with the children to the stories and the range of stories and how calm and chilled out you were. I know every one in school enjoyed your visit, so I am glad you enjoyed it too. We will be definately booking you again, and it will be before next book week, as the reception LSA put it, ‘we’ll have her back anytime we can!’” Sea Mills School

“She’s a real star, with the class of [10] small children, aged 18 months to five years, wrapped aroundher flexible fingers.” Bristol Evening Post

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for entertaining the children at Charlotte & Ella’s party. Thechildren were totally absorbed in your adventure. Even the adults at the party thought it was a fantasticconcept and couldn’t quite believe how captivated the children were.

I work in different schools and that’s the best storytelling session I’ve seen in years! Parent andeducator

I have had great feedback from the last parents story workshop you ran and it has already changed theway parents tell stories with their children so thank you.Blaise Primary School

Paula is fabulous!, Maisie, aged 4

We loved having you at our festival and hope we can do it again soon” Sunrise Festival

thank you so much for the bushcraft session today. You are fabulous for organising such a lovelyreminder of the simple pleasures of life. we all had a great timeMum of 2 children

“its not as good as I thought it would be” pause “it was 100 times better!” S, 10 of a bushcraft/story session

N smiled for the whole of his first Baby Bumpkin class then slept for 4 hours afterwards and a normalnight after that! P, mum of N

You have such a lovely manner with the children – full of humour and gentleness.” T

“Paula made a fantastic celebrant, she is clearly a natural at this sort of thing.  There were loads ofcomments from friends and family on what a great job she did.  I’m really glad we asked her!”

You are fantastic with children, so calm and unruffled, A, dad of a 3 year old

thanks again for your storytelling session  there was very good feedback, the children enjoyed it and Ihope you did too.” Ruth, Bristol Children’s Hospital

We joined in one of the story sessions at the hospital on Wednesday and it was lovely. Anyway I justwanted to say thank you so much  it brightened up our day” 
 you for such an amazing session on Tues S got so much out of it, it taught me alot about how toplay with her.” Mum and baby

“I liked the story and doing the actions. It helped me to think up stories.” T, age 5

I very much hope you’ll be able to visit us again, to share some more of those wonderful stories.Hannah More School

“The Nursery children were very engaged and actively involved with Paula’s oral storytelling experience. Two children in particular who are normally very quiet and passive, became extremely animated and even laughed out loud!” Sefton Park Nursery “I enjoyed the session enormously”

There was so much great feedback” Westbury Park School,

What you do is wonderful!” Colstons school

A real inspiration” Ashley Down School, Brunel Fields